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SK4800/SK4800H DC type Desktop Static Eliminator


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Products Details

SK4800/SK4800H Desktop Static Eliminator

● Digital LCD display,Compact design,light weight,portable with position adjustable
● Fast discharge time
● Big coverage 40*120CM
● Air volume regulated by a revolver easily
● Stable ion balance,easy to calibrate,Inherent ion-balance voltage reaches ±3V.
● Magnetic leaking transformer,long service life,no short circuit
● Built-in ion emitting needle cleaner,easy to clean up
● Low energy consumption,come with hot air blowing
●.DC type,high efficiency
● Clip type cover,easy for maitenance
●.ESD safe housing

Features in structure

●The front double layer cover can inspect the ion balance and isolate potential interference signal.
●The ion emitter set before the air blower gives a sufficient ion mixture which result in better static   eliminating performance.
● Hot air blowing function is optional to meet seasonal requirements
●It is easy to take off the back cover and clean the emitter and blades.
●Build-in circuit switch turns off once back cover is removed,safe for maintenance work.
●Ion emitter installed simply by pluging in, easy to replace.

Features in electronic

●LCD display: Bright contrast,visualize, display ion balance and working time, menu functions.
●Micro Processing technology: friendly interface, compatible with computer  communication and monitor each ionizer within the network.
●Five grade air volume: the imported air blower runs at  3000-5000 rotation/min and blows very strong air, the volume ranged from 1 to 5 controlled by the program
●Warning function: the ion balance could be set manually, once it is out of the standard ion balance, a warning will be given by a beep and the display flashes.
●Password lockout function: Password setting function could avoid unauthorized setting
●Ion balance adjustment: the ion balance could be adjusted by the program within 50V to get the ideal  static eliminating performance.


Model  SK4800 / SK4800H
Input Voltage  AC220V /50HZ
Power Rating  12W/310W (E Type)
Air blowing  ≤2.5m3/min
Discharge Time  ≤1s
Ozone  ≤0.03ppm (15 cm distance from air month )
Ion Balance  0±5V / 0±10v (E Type)
Capacity  40cmx120cm
Dimension  140(L)X220W)X84(H)mm
Weight  1.8KG

[Discharge Time Test]

Operating voltage:0/AC220V  Testing voltage:1KV-100V Temperature:25°c
Distance(CM) 30 60 90 120
Discharge time(S)  1 1.8 4.5 8.0
Ion balance (V)  0±10  0±7  0±5 0±2

[Replacing Parts]

Part Number  Description
4800-1  Ions generator needle
4800-2  Fan
4800-3  Fan cover

This is 220V unit machine, you may need a transformer to use it in your country. We have 110V units for USA.

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* For OEM orders and whole sales order will ship by air cargo or by sea , lead time will be 10-20 days upon the receipt of payment or deposit ,  otherwise  lead time will affected by raw materials enough or not .

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* 1 year warranty for station .
* Please contact our local partner for maintaining problems or any quality issues.

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