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Programmable fully automatic glue dispenser fluid adhesive dispenser robot PY-33


Fluid adhesive dispenser robot save costs in material waste, rejects, time and labor. Desktop dispensing robot offer reliable operation with excellent repeat ability for precise application of adhesives, liquid gaskets, resins and UV materials in many

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Programmable fully automatic glue dispenser fluid adhesive dispenser robot PY-330R


Fluid adhesive dispenser robot
1 Easy operation
2 Excellent performance
3 Reasonable price
4 CE certification

Fluid adhesive dispenser robot


Fluid adhesive dispenser robot save costs in material waste, rejects, time and labor. Desktop dispensing robot 

offer reliable operation with excellent repeat ability for precise application of adhesives, liquid gaskets, resins 

and UV materials in many assembly and manufacturing processes.


Main application

Mobile Phone , Compture housings , Optical drives , Printers , ink clips , PCB , LCD , LED , DVD , Digital 

Cameras , Switchs , Connectors , Relays , radiator, semiconductors and other electronics, or SMT devices 

to connect quickly points / glue, clocks,toys, medical equipment and other required liquid dispensing products .



 Programmable fully automatic glue dispenser fluid adhesive dispenser robot

Common Application Range:

1.Semiconductor packaging
2.Fixing and protection of PCB electronic components
3.Packaging adhesion of LCD glass panel
4.Coating of panel of the mobile phone or dispensing of the key
5.Speaker dispensing
6.Dispensing seal of battery boxes
7.Coating of parts of vehicles and machines
8.Coating adhesion of hardware parts
9.Coating of rationed gas,liquid filling
10.Chip bonding


Performance Feature

1. English handhold control box, easy use.
2. Dispense points, lines, surface, circles, arc, irregular curves, three axis controllable.
3. The software has array, horizontal move and rotate operation function.
4. Can set the glue amount, speed and time etc. Stable glue flow and no leaking.
5. Four barrels work at the same time to improve efficiency.  

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 Main Technical Parameters

Model PY-220D PY-330D PY-440D PY-550D
Work area (X*Y*Z) 200*200*50mm 300*300*100mm 400*400*100mm 500*500*100mm
Max. speed 500mm/sec
Resolution 0.02mm
Repeatability ±0.02mm
Operation interface LCD touch panel/Handhold control box
Drive mode Micro stepping motor/belt
Power AC220V 50-60HZ 0.8KW
Size 380*370*500mm 480*500*600mm 580*600*600mm 640*700*720mm
Net weight About 20KG About 30KG 40KG 50KG
Operation environment Humidity:20%-90% RH, Temperature:0 °c -40 °c


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