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ST50 Series Industrial Stereo Microscope


ST50 Series Industrial Stereo Microscope .Flexible system, excellent imaging performance and stable system ,professional used in industrial inspection,life science research,teaching and metallographic analysis etc

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ST50 Series Stereo Microscope

■ ST-50A Upright binocular head

■ ST-50B 45°inclined binocular head

■ Diopter adjustment of range±5mm

■ The inter-pupillary adjustment range 55-75mm

■ The incident illuminator can provides different directions light

■ Each set in a Styrofoam in an inner carton, 6 sets in a master carton



Wide field eyepiece WF5X/18mm

Wide field eyepiece WF10X/20mm

Wide field eyepiece WF15X/13mm

Wide field eyepiece WF20X/10mm


1X objective, WD=165mm

2X objective, WD=119mm

3.5X objective, WD=124mm

Viewing head

Upright binocular head

45°inclined binocular head


Pillar stand, with the long arm lever, fine-tune lift seat, oblique illuminator


12V/10W tungsten bulb (Optional: halogen bulb or soft LED)

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