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ST60N Series industrial stereo microscope


ST60N Series industrial stereo microscope.Flexible system, excellent imaging performance and stable system ,professional used in industrial inspection,life science research,teaching and metallographic analysis etc

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ST60N Series stereo microscope

ST60N adopt new optics design, improve the definition of image, better resolution and better contrast.Efficient reduce the user’s fatigue, improve comfort level and operation efficiency.Innovative integration of video design, it liberates the user’s eyes, inspection directly through LCD screen, no longer to let the eyes close to the eyepiece.

■ High quality optics system, and optical components coated with special

coating, form a clear, bright and flat image in the field of view

■ Shift objectives 1X/3X、2X/4X、1X/2Xfor option.

■ Standard magnification 20X/40X, if use auxiliary lens and other times

eyepiece, the magnification range can be 5X ~ 160X

■ Standard working distance is 100mm, to create enough space for the uses

■ 10X large wide field eyepieces, FOV 20mm, plan and high eye-point design,

more suitable for search and observation.

■ Observation head 45 ° inclined, diopter adjustment in two tubes, easy to

operate and feel no fatigue when long time use

■ Ergonomics design, shift hand wheel level (axial) bilateral settings, high

repeatability precision

■ Best eye-point height, to ensure that different vision of the user can get a

clear image



Standard:20X/40X, using optional eyepiece and auxiliary lens, it can extend to 5X~160X




Wide field and high eyepiont eyepiece WF10X/20mm

Wide field and high eyepiont eyepiece WF15X/15mm

Wide field and high eyepiont eyepiece WF20X/10mm

Viewing Head

Binocular head, 45°inclined,360°rotatable, inter-pupillary range 54~76mm, both two side diopter adjustment(±5)

LCD head,8 inch LCD screen, resolution 800*600,CCD 520 TVLINES

Working Distance

Standard:100mm, using optional auxiliary lens can expand to 30mm-165mm

Auxiliary Lens


Focus arm

tension adjustable, adjust range 50mm


Pillar type sector stand

Pillar stand with top & bottom illumination. Bottom illuminator: halogen bulb 12V15W( brightness adjustment ), Oblique lighting 12V/15W

Pillar stand with top & bottom illumination. Bottom illuminator:  fluorescent bulb 230V/8W , Oblique lighting 12V/15W

Other type stand, ring light and fluorescent light and fiber light for option.


Precision measurement platform, dark field condenser, jewelry clip

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